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Hey there, beautiful beans and groovy greens!

Welcome to LoveBites, the zestiest, most plant-tastic dating scene this side of the avocado toast.

Here, we’re not just cultivating a field of romantic connections; we’re also sowing the seeds for blossoming friendships and thrilling companionships. Imagine a community where the thrill of horse riding, the adventure of scuba diving, spontaneous holidays, and pushing your boundaries become shared experiences that bring people closer, not just romantically, but in the spirit of genuine friendships.

Predominantly tailored for the Vegans and Vegetarians of the world, LoveBites is a greenhouse where diverse relationships flourish – whether you’re veg-curious, plant-friendly, or just in search of a partner in crime to live a little and explore a lot. Here, you can leaf through profiles like flipping through a recipe book, searching for that perfect blend of spice, sweetness, and everything in between. Whether you’re here to sprout new friendships, kindle a flame of romance, or find that special someone who makes your heart beet faster, LoveBites is your garden of connections.

So, if you’re ready to kale it in the love department, to forage for friendships that could last a lifetime, or to find a buddy for your next adventure, join us where the grass is greener, and the dates are sweeter. Let’s turnip the beet together and find someone who believes, just like you, that love and friendship are the secret ingredients to a fulfilling life. Welcome to LoveBites – where you can swipe right for a bite,  maybe even a cheeky bite.

Website & App

Easy to use state of the art website and mobile app with live video chat.


Free lifelong membership.


Chances for our members to win vouchers for a meal or cash prizes and much more.

A Message From the Founder


LoveBites is a brand new dating site that will allow you to live chat with a growing community, where you will make lasting love or friendship connections.

I have founded LoveBites from my own experiences of being vegetarian for nearly 50 years and Vegan 7 years. My lifestyle has also not been for everyone as an equestrian, that’s definitely not for everyone.

I want LoveBites to connect you with your individual unique Dietary & Lifestyle partner

How It Works

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The LoveBites Community

Be part of LoveBites vibrant growing social community where you can meet genuine people based on your dietary preferences and lifestyle interests. Our aim is to make this easy for you with our video chat room and mobile app where you can make a date with other like minded people for your 100th scuba dive in Cyprus, the Zenobia maybe or to ski the slopes of the Sierra Nevada, Spain or even to check out the new vegan restaurant in Mayfair London. What ever is it you can create or join social groups for your next adventure and make It a Date to remember at LoveBites.

Look out for our promotions, we hope they will  entice you to try something new or encourage you to do that thing you always wanted to do but never got round to doing. LoveBites is all about you living your best life with authentic people and great experiences and adventures.